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(AKA wine-o yoga)

So we like to do this little get-together the last Wednesday of the month. It's a regular mixed-level class (what that means later). We laugh and crack up a little more than usual, and yes, we drink during class. I know some serious types are all like that's not "real" yoga. Who cares. Seriously, no one is getting lit drinking half a drink during an hour-long class, although it is a fun excuse for why our balance sucks. We still meditate and breathe and practice the poses (asana).

So what IS a mixed-level class? It's just a regular class, we aren't working too hard, but we aren't taking naps either, except maybe during savasana. There are times when it's easy and times when it's more challenging. It depends on who shows up what happens, just like life.

This class is a good opportunity to get a vibe for the studio, the students, and the teacher. See if yoga might be a thing you wanna do. Although I suggest just buying a

4-class pass ($25 for ANY class ANY time) and getting a better feel for it, you are more than welcome to show up for one class. We don't make you buy six in a row or send Guido to break your kneecaps if you don't come back. Come and see if it works for you. You can pay when you get to class or if you want to commit - venmo me at IndigoKendra. I won't send Guido but I will keep your $10 if you flake out.
(you have a year to use it)

Now let's say you wanna try it; I know it's weird to do something new. All you have to do is show up. Bring your fav beer, wine, seltzer, or cocktail. (or there are also always party leftovers) Many people also enjoy this class drinking plain water, all personal preference.

You can borrow a mat. And for crying out loud - you don't need special clothes. Whatever workout stuff is in the back of your closet is fine. Seriously.

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