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Yoga With Me! Jamaica Options

At the bottom of the page are the current available dates for

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, Montego Bay Jamaica & the Venmo QR to pay me to book the trip. Hotel web site

We need to get a date picked & payment sent to keep the dates we want ASAP. I would pick Sept. 4-11 because once we get into Nov. & Dec. things get tricky with the holidays, but I am open to other options. The cost is $650 +$180 each for the 3rd & 4th person. Kendra - pays booking & resort fees 1 student $650 ea. 2 students $415 ea. 3 students $336 ea. If someone is not able to go the hotel may not allow us to sub another person. Changing the resort or date of travel outside of 90 days to departure incurs a $250 change fee. Canceling for ANY reason (no exceptions) incurs a penalty of $400 charged at the time of cancellation.(why trip trip Insurance is a good idea)

Other costs It's all inclusive, but occasional tipping would go a long way. I also tip the housekeeping staff and any other resort employees that were extra helpful. Passport $165 Right now flights are $400-$650 + baggage Parking would be $100 total Transfers to & from hotel $100 total Trip Insurance <$35 each Sara asked about hurricane season, the official season is June 1st through November 30th. They don't get many hurricanes there, but there would be plenty of notice and we can decide not to go if one popped up. (see trip insurance above) It takes 8 to 11 weeks to get a passport. Here is the link. I can take your photo, (you don't need to go to Walgreens)


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